Why doesn’t this blog have a name?

Well, because naming a blog is ridiculously hard…you try it…seriously, it sucks. So to show you how hard it really is we’re going to list of few of our failed attempts to find the perfect name for the Jill Mac Blog…

JM:  Cancer Road…Take me Home (with John Denver music in the background)

AC:  Dear Cancer

JM:  Puke a Mile in My Shoes

JM:  Canadianwithcancer

AC:  So Cancer Walks Into a Bar

JM:  If It’s Not Cancer It’s Crap!

AC:  We’re All About That Bass…No Cancer…I’m Bringing Chemo Back!

JM:  Oh-Cancer-Da (Canadian National Anthem)

AC:  Silver Linings Cancer Playbook

JM:  Port Break…Starring Keanu Reeves and Jill Mac

AC:  The Cancerfather…Starring the Mich Light Mafia

JM:  Cancer Act…Starring Whoopie and Jill Mac

AC:  Cancers on the Side…also Starring Whoopie and Jill Mac

JM:  Million Dollar Cancer…Starring Hiliary Swank and Jill Mac

AC:  I Rode Through Chemo on a Port with No Name

JM:  If My Port Could Talk

AC:  Billie Jean is Not My Cancer…It’s Just a Cell that Claims that I am the One

JM:  Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Your Cancer Speaking

AC:  The Hill is Alive with the Sound of Cancer

JM:  Cancer Chief…Suck My Dick!

AC:  You Say Potato…I Say Cancer

JM:  Why Did the Cancer Cross the Road?

JM:  Cancer for $1,000 Alex!

AC:  The Good, the Bad, the Cancer

JM:  The Young and the Cancerless

AC:  The Days of My Cancer

JM:  Has Anybody Seen My Cancer?

AC:  Knock, Knock.  Who’s There?  I Have Cancer.

JM:  Cancer Made Fun

AC:  Cancer Isn’t Funny But This Blog Is

JM:  Cancer By Number

AC:  The History of Cancer…My Cancer Tree

JM:  Don’t Step in My Diarrhea…Verbal or Rectal

AC:  Liverwurst…I Mean Worst Liver

JM:  Senseofhumorrequired

AC:  Pandas With Cancer

Please feel free to send us some new ideas of your own!

Funny ones of course.


4 thoughts on “Why doesn’t this blog have a name?”

  1. This one time…. at chemo… (American Pie)
    This one time, when I had cancer…. (in the tone of when I used to tell stories: “this one time, when I was drunk…”)-that’s for you Dexa L Dexa

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