Scan Results (1) – 3/20/15

They did scans of my chest, abdomen and pelvis on Friday.

The scans showed that the largest tumor in my liver had shrunk a little. The smaller liver tumors remain unchanged at this time. This is good news, as you don’t want to see anything growing. There are no new tumors either.

Treatment will continue as is (every other Friday), with a scan on the fourth treatment date.

Hopefully the next scan will show the others shrinking too. In this case, shrinkage is a GOOD thing…

If they can get certain tumors to shrink in the liver, surgery would eventually be an option.

Kind of a boring update (I fell asleep typing this twice), but stay tuned, plenty more to come.

Still feeling pretty good, a little tired here and there. I have embraced the cold sensitivity, I am one with my mittens…

3 thoughts on “Scan Results (1) – 3/20/15”

  1. Thanks for the update even if it was boring for you – let the shrinkage continue. Lots of love! Clogs rock 🙂

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