Update 4/10/15

Warning, I have no idea what I’m doing. I need Angela to fix everything I post. Port videos are jacked up, there’s a naked man in the middle of this post…  This is a cry for help…

Well there’s not much to report. Pissy Kitty got married Tuesday and I’ve had two rather large pimples in the last week. Probably from the stress of the wedding, BTO (but the opposite). JimmyOne of the latest side effects apparently is random acne. Oh to feel young again and like  I’m going through puberty. A little less awkward this time around, I guess.  My ass and thighs were smaller the first time.  Yes Angela, it’s hard to imagine, but it’s true, my ass was smaller at one time.

I learned today that hermit crabs outgrow their shells, just like I have outgrown my jeans from high school… And then college… Hmm. My butt is just looking for a new home that fits, that it can grow into… This was just a plot to hopefully squeeze back into a mad pair of acid washed Jordache jeans. Thank you colon cancer!

Anywho, like I said, not much to report. I feel fine, for the most part. I think I look fine. Yeah! I have to avoid getting too much sun, as apparently one of the drugs I’m on will cause light sensitivity.  My wizardly brother in law must also be on this drug, see above photo. Sunscreen: buying organic isn’t always better… You look terrible DragonLady! Icarus has nothing on you… Whoa man.

Stay tuned. More to come. Sometimes, on a cancer blog, less is more…



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