Round 6 Update-4/18/15

Not much to report. Round six was somewhat uneventful. Catfish was starving the whole time and I was half asleep. Jen Wiese graced us with her presence, ¬†black jacket and all… (Sorry Jen).

my blood work looked really good this week. All counts were where they should be. The nurse was a little shocked at how good my liver enzymes, etc were, after overhearing Angela and Jen and I reminiscing  about some of our late nights out in past.

I meet with with the liver specialist this Monday afternoon to touch base and talk about my CT and PET scans (meow).

My only lesson or tip for the week is this: “don’t try to drink anything shortly after using lidocaine mouthwash”. You’ll just end up choking to death… That’s all.

Hopefully angela won’t be as busy in future so the blog will look better and have beefier stories. We were just tired this week I guess. I’ll invite one of the kittens back if things don’t liven up.




One thought on “Round 6 Update-4/18/15”

  1. my black jacket is where i hold all of my superpowers! it was a must-wear situation.

    i can’t believe magic mike tried to choke you…

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