April showers bring May flowers and likely Liver & Colon resections….

4/30/15 (updated 5/415)

good morning ladies and gentlemen, girls and mother truckin’ boys

surgery should take place this month May 19th, supposedly.  I still need to sign the consent forms, but it sounds like it’s game on. Remove the primary tumor from the colon and then also resect the left liver lobe. Sounds like there’s a short hospital stay and then a few week recovery period. Supposedly you experience extreme fatigue after liver surgery. That’s all I’m worried about. Then recovery, possibly chemo and maybe some more surgery to work on the right lobe.

Angela has completely boycotted the blog. She sucks. I feel so alone. I don’t want to take sole responsibility for these words. I’m probably currently downloading a virus. Oh the pressure of the blog.

Good news, I will be seeing Little Pissy Kitty soon.  I can only imagine what tales she will create for me to tell. She’s flying down here this Saturday. I wish I could hire a film crew to follow her. Ugh.

Hmm what else… My parents will be back in town during and after surgery, so watch out for those two Canadian Geese.