New Orleans… or BUST… 5/8/15

First and foremost, ask and you shall receive… thank God Angela has come back to the blog, after her hiatus… her extreme exaggerations and blatant lies are what keeps this squeaky wheel a turnin’…

I should be focusing on my healing, but we all needed her to come back to the blog… “Never let go Rose, never let go….”;
“Come back Jack, come back…”

We’re heading for New Orleans today, for a little break… from life… and St. Louis… we wanted to go somewhere it is hotter…. and more humid… you know… really sweat it out… clog your pores and arteries at the same time, while consuming rich, French and Southern meals… watch out Paula Dean, these are a few of our favorite things:

hurri-cane drinks and whis-key in kittens

hoping the temps don’t re-qui-re my mittens

gum-bo and poorboys the din-ner bell rings

into my ar-ter-ies, I hope it clings!


Speaking of sinking ships… Little Pissy Kitty will bust into the Bayou like no other tomorrow. We have a fishing trip planned for Monday… I have a feeling one of us from the group will end up in the Gulf (or wet land area-depending on where we fish-weather dependent).

I have been eating fresh catch from the Gulf for years now (since the Big Spill) and I’m totally fine….

We’ll be back Wednesday… I hope…

More to come… I’ll update this later…


And the Survey Says…

So Monday Jill had another long day of appointment hopping at the Center for Advanced Medicine in preparation for surgery.  One of the highlights of the day was filling out this wonderful questionnaire…we felt adding some personal comments might make it more believable…I mean seriously with this survey?!

Survey 4

Survey 2


Survey 3

I really did almost cry…from laughing…especially when the nurse asked Jill to open her mouth…which is honestly like watching a whale breach because she has a very, very large mouth…you know the type of mouth that dentists love because they can put both hands, the drill, and a turkey sandwich inside of and still have room to maneuver.

Anyway, Jill opens her mouth…but when the nurse was done Jill missed the cue to close it…so she continued to sit on the table with her mouth flipped open like Terrence and Phillip…terranceandphilip_small

She sat staring to the sky above like Marni trying to see the floating astronauts above…finally after looking at Jill for an extended period of time the poor nurse says…”Um, you can close your mouth!”  As a result we both started cracking up and I decided to sit quietly in the corner out of the nurses view with my mouth wide open.  I use the term “wide open”  loosely here because unlike my dear friend…I have a tiny useless little mouth that requires a dentist with hands the size of Hermey the Elf from Rudolph to work in.


Any way…I sat staring at the ceiling the remainder of the exam…I’m pretty sure the nurse thought Jill was having a seizure from trying not to laugh as she was holding her breath.

Oh…and Jill took the wrong cup to pee in!  She took the nurses drinking cup off the counter and peed in it…which we all thought was pretty weird since they never even asked for a urine sample.

Blame it on the chemo!


I’m back on the blog Jill!!

~ Ang