Recovery – Day 2

Jill was moved into a regular room yesterday unfortunately that meant we were not able to spend the whole night.  Panther Dan was here until around 1 am and I came back around 4:30 am…our interpretation of “not spending the night.”

Of course in the 3 hours she was alone the nurses were not very attentive. She was bright red and hot when I got here. Her urine,…which she claims I’m secretly obsessed with…was super dark and backed up in her catheter.  I may be obsessed with it because when things are going correctly it looks like the Champagne of beers…Miller High Life…which I love.


However, this morning it looked like a very dark Amber beer…almost close to an IPA…which I hate.


Pretty much everything in life can be rated or compared to beer…Jill’s urine is not alone in this.

Her fever was over 100 degrees which is really high for her because it’s typically 96 or 97 (she’s like a lizard in this respect).

Anyway, we gave her Tylenol, packed her down with icy cloths and an ice pack, and made her drink a ton of water. Her fever came down around 97 and her urine cleared up…cheers to that!

She got up and walked for the first time at 9 am this morning for the first time…like a champ!  The catheter came out too because they want to encourage her to get up more often.

All in all they are super happy with her progress still. It’s been a balancing act managing the pain.  They are starting her on pill pain meds today.  Hold off on visits, she’s still not there yet but she is a checking texts and social media.

Thanks  for all the support.  Please keep sending good vibes and prayers her way!

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