The Fart Heard ‘Round the World! Oops..

imageIt’s the little things in life that make people happy…a hug from a bear, a butterfly kiss (it grossed me out just typing that), the giggle of the Pilsbury do-boy….today it’s a squeaky little fart from under Jill’s sheet!  However…as we all know…squeaky or not …they can not be trusted!

imageBloody shart or not…things are awake and moving and that’s great news!!  We’re waiting with bated breath for the next bloody show.  It’s normal to have blood because there was bleeding in the colon during surgery.   Things are moving in the right direction!  Thanks for all of the support.

This Too Shall Pass…Gas

Jill’s a lot stronger today.  She’s already walked 4 times logging 13 laps and it’s only 2 pm.  She ate some solid food for the first time too….eggs and grits then some of a Snarfs sandwich and of course a little ice cream – thanks Rebecca for being the lunch fairy everyday!

She’s able to sleep a lot more now because the private room  is so much quieter…and the sound reduction headphones from Eddie and Megan (thanks).

So today’s goal is to pass gas…an actual poop would be a miracle…but gas would be just as exciting!  Every doctor that comes in asks about it….no it’s not a secret fetish…it’s important because it means her bowels are waking up from their long winters nap.  It makes me wonder if the characters Terrance and Philip were created by someone that had colon surgery.


I’m hoping Jill looks like Philip by the end of the day!

image There’s a lot of weird sounds churning around inside those bowels….it sounds like  a scene from the Gremlins.   That’s good though it means there’s a storm brewing.  The first two days  when Dr. Wise listened it was very quiet…sleeping from surgery.

I’ll keep you posted and her progress!