Home is Where the Canadian Is

Jill’s home and doing great! Panther Dan flew back north today with the Canadian Geese.  Jill’s mom, P-Kitty, arrived Sunday and will be here for a couple of weeks to help ensure Jill is behaving.

She’s lost 10 pounds since last week…of course that includes the weight of all the organs they removed!  We’re trying to fatten her up on protein drinks.

imageBelieve it or not she’s walking around the block already…putting lots of steps on her Fitbit.

I think the problem will soon be keeping her contained! Just this evening we caught her trying to crash a wedding reception!  All dressed up and no where to go!


Thanks for all of the support! Keep sending her prayers and good vibes!


2 thoughts on “Home is Where the Canadian Is”

  1. Quite often it’s hard to eat til you start then you find your appetite can come back. So…. Have the fridge stocked with stuff you can grab fast… Eat ice cream!!! It has tons of calories from fat and you need it, plus with it being cold likely more palatable. If you can’t tolerate the fat then those shakes and protein bars are good choice. But you’ll need fibre…

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