Bad Day

Jill started having some pain under her ribs on the left side yesterday and it got worse today.  She was doing great…walked 10,000 steps on Thursday and 7,000 on Friday…she’s just taking multiple short walks around the block throughout the day.  Last night she started having the pain and it got a lot worse today and hurt for her to breathe and walk.

We came to Barnes ER around 1 . pm…hoping to get a CT scan to rule out a blood clot.   Of course nothing is that easy.  After multiple “discussions” they finally took her back around 6:15 pm.

She’s never had a reaction to the CT scan dye but of course today she did.  She was wheeled back into the room bright red and burning all over and in a lot pain.   Long story short, she’s been pumped full of fluids and meds and is finally comfortable.

The CT scan results were negative for a blood clot which is a big relief.  They’re not sure what’s causing the pain under her ribs but are going to let her go home, adding muscle relaxers to the regimen.  We’re hoping that helps.

Apparently my  sister was trying to take Jill’s thunder today by getting struck by lightening….I’m assuming that’s why Jill decided  to have an allergic reaction.  Thankfully, they’re both ok.  Needless to say, Jameson sales are going to go up near our house this evening!

Please say a few extra prayers tonight…we certainly could use them after today’s events!

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  1. Sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts your way, sweet niece! Hope those drugs help you get back on your feet with a smile on your face! xoxo

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