32 Staples and then some…..

Well today is the day my staples come out. Hopefully we are on the down slope. This roller coaster lately has been some bullshit. Seriously.

Good news, my chest pain feels a little better today. Everything actually feels a little better today. I do need to trim my nails though.

Thanks to everyone for all of the words of encouragement and well wishes, it’s about time they paid off, geez. Apparently I maybe overdid it last week, singing ” I will walk 10,000 steps and I will walk 10,000 more…” Just to end up in the hospital…. That sucked.

They tried to kill me with that damn CT contrast dye. I’ve had that shit injected into me at least seven times before, but this time…. Oh this time was the one… I looked like Violet in Charlie and the chocolate factory.  Angela looked at me and exclaimed, ” Violet’s turning violet!!!”

My face was purple like an Oompa Loompa. Thank God I had the Captain back there with me barking orders. On Dumbass, on Dipshit, hey Dillhole, hey Moron! Quit calling other doctors and make your own decision.

If a patient comes in with a cut on their finger, I don’t think it’s necessary to call their primary care physician to see if the correct approach is a bandaid.

We have a female patient in the ER, it appears she has started  her Period… She has a history of cancer… We should call her oncologist.

Okay neither of those things happened, but basically, it’s not far off.

Another shout out to the nurses!! As they seemed to know more about what was going on again, as usual.

Anywho, I digress. Today I get my staples out. I’ll see if the webmaster can include some photos for me. Since last time I tried to update the blog I deleted everything. Oops. 😉

stay tuned. Not much to report. Things are good today… So far…

fingers crossed.


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