Liver Abscess? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

A little speed bump has occurred in the road to recovery.  Over the weekend Jill was having a lot of pain in her left side…which was a perfect opportunity for her to sport this shirt.

imageHowever, as it turns out she wasn’t fine.  She had two follow-up appointments yesterday with Doctor Hawkins (liver surgeon) and Doctor Wise (colon surgeon). She was still having a lot of pain so they scheduled a CT scan for this morning.

The scan showed something they believed was an abscess on the left lobe of her liver where they did the resections.  This is not uncommon after liver surgery but certainly not ideal…of course it can be fatal if left untreated…and as we all know….


Next step…getting admitted to the 16th floor again.  It was like a high school reunion with the nursing staff…I think they expected a circus to follow Jill in…or at least one fully dressed mascot.

We met a new nurse who was quickly nicknamed “Bloodbath” after she collapsed two of Jill’s veins and then proceeded to shoot blood all over her pillow.  We told her it would be hard to write a blog entry explaining Jill bled to death getting an IV.
imageOddly her bloodwork shows her white blood cell count is fine and there is no fever just pain. They have started her on a strong dose of antibiotics…it is basically the abscess that’s not an abscess.  Nothing is easy or black and white.  The plan is to keep her overnight and reassess to make sure they don’t want to drain the spot they’re seeing on the scan.  They said it could just be fluid where they did a tumor resection during surgery.  Who knows?

She had an “incident” in the Doctor’s office yesterday.  I somehow managed to break the footstool on the exam table trying to put it up.  It was a precarious position to be in since Jill was propped up on the table.  If  anyone would have walked in it would have looked very similar to an OBGYN exam.  Little did I know …Jill was holding in a large amount of gas….like the size I picture elephants having after eating a field of broccoli.


Well…needless to say, before I was able to fix the footstool it was released.  I firmly believe if I would have had this wind turbine hat on that I could have powered my house for at least 3 years.


Looking back, we pictured it looking like a model with a large wind fan blowing her hair back.  Unfortunately Jill laughed so hard it caused enough pain that she cried a little baby panda tear.

The appointment did establish Jill’s new them song…”She’s Like the Wind” (Patrick Swayze).

imageI think they must have known about her gas because they made her put on these sweet pants when she got to the room today.   They blew up within 2 minutes.

We will keep everyone posted.  Hopefully she will be released in the morning…and we’re just as hopeful more gas won’t be released.