I miss being able to do a back bend…


Met with my Oncologist yesterday. It sounds like all is well as of right now. I’m going to get another 4 weeks of healing in and then off to chemo. I’ll get another 6 treatments, on alternating weeks, starting July 17th.

I assume that somewhere during that 12 week period I may undergo the liver embolization procedure (where they block off blood supply to part of your liver to stimulate growth on one side and stop providing nutrition to the other tumored side).  Well see though. I guess each person heals at a different rate.  My body should be in rapid healing mode, since I don’t put anything bad into it anymore. I miss you alcohol… you make my jokes funny and other peoples jokes funny… Ugh… I don’t miss the dispatcher at Laclede Cab… That lady needs a spanking.

Hmm… What else??? I wore pants and a belt for the first time a few days ago… I carried my own laundry up the stairs the other day… SIDEBAR–JT was so sweet to carry my laundry down the stairs for me a week or two ago… Sadly, as she pranced down my basement stairs, confidently, she crumbled at the bottom of the stairs, I guess missing the last step… Luckily she wasn’t injured. If she had been, there’s a tarp down there… I could have covered her up and masked the smell for awhile since there is no front tenant currently.

Other than that… Nothing else exciting. I guess I’ll just be around… Watch for a really pale, thin upper body, elderly person walking the streets near Fairview….  That’s me… Racing around the neighborhood like a two toed sloth. Pandas are over… Sloths are in…



One thought on “I miss being able to do a back bend…”

  1. Good to hear all is going according to plan…and meanwhile your “race” around the neighbourhood obviously allows for lots of time to stop and smell the roses (does it have roses or possibly way more interesting smells?)…but more importantly, watch out for that last step!! 😉 love ya lots…xoxo

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