Lucky Round 7

Howdy y’all. It’s that time again. Getting geared up for another fantastic round of chemo. Yeah, that’s right. Looking forward to endless Luke warm beverages and ending my trend of 4am ice cream each day.

I have returned to work this week. Just working half days for awhile. Build up my tolerance to Jerry. Order has been restored!!

I am feeling a little better each day. Well enough, anyway. Thank you again for all of your support.

Friday morning I start back up on the chemo cocktail. It’s good stuff. Real good like. I think Captain Chemo  will be joining me. My little Che-mo sah-bee. Hopefully there will be someone to terrorize and Mr. Wonders and I will be in sync with treatments again. It’s always nice to see his smiling face. I saw him a few weeks back, he’s still waiting on a transplant.  If you have any extra positive energy, direct it his way. I would love to see this man get himself a new liver. He is quite the carpenter; he has shared photos of bird houses he has built with us. Very talented guy. I’m sure he’s writing something nice about me in his blog right now too. How cool I look in a T-shirt. Toting my IV pump around. You guys would really be impressed.

Anywho, onward. Hope you’re all still awake from this riveting update. If you’ve fallen off the edge of your seat in anticipation of something truly exciting I apologize.


3 thoughts on “Lucky Round 7”

  1. Strong work Jilly.., sometimes having to be normal and sitting around is the hardest work for some…looking like it paid off. Time to bring back the Pandas!

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