Round 8 with a cherry on top…


Yo. It’s that time again. Round 8. Crikey!

Round 7 proved to be less than heavenly. Which in some cases…is actually a good thing! I prefer my feet on the ground…wings are highly overrated because they are hard to keep clean (as evidenced by all those poor birds in the Gulf after the BP oil spill) and they make any “sitting event” (like a Cards game) very uncomfortable. I know this first hand because I was once employed as a team mascot for the Toronto Blue Jays…that ended very  badly after I beaked some hecklers….anyway back to chemo.

All went well though, I survived. Hopefully as the chemo builds back up in my system my super powers will too.

Cold sensitivity was not at it’s peak, but I assume it will rear it’s frigid head again this week. My brain power is at about a negative two. I guess chemo brain is real, contrary to the popular opinion of donkeys in Western Europe. I now carry an abacus for basic counting skills like making change at the cigar shop or when buying coconuts at the farmers’ market.  They need to make them smaller because they are hard to carry…I may invent a pocket abacus!

I plan on rolling into my treatment with my iPad and an Odoul’s. I need to test the nursing staff. I had a private room last week…they are trying to separate me from the general population at the Siteman Center! I mean who knew there was solitary confinement for cancer patients?! They can’t hide me forever…I will make my way back into general population.

Mr. Wonders should be there this week. I finally heard back from him. He had gone missing for awhile again…perhaps he too was placed in the “hole” for bad behavior.

I met with my colon specialist Monday. I think he was impressed with my abilities to push in the stool. He made mention of some issues…mental only though, so not to worry.

Hmm…what else?  I’ve been working still…part-time ish because I’ve been really tired this past round. Fatigue is also real…not the Army kind.

I had the opportunity to join Teri Griege last night in presenting Nikki Christ’s niece, Emily Linneman, the Powered by Hope medal (or the Hope Diamond, as I like to call it). That was a pretty amazing experience to be a part of. Of course Teri immediately put us to work in her sweat shop of Hope. Her lovely assistant, Joy, was just a dream to do business with. Oh, and of course camera Dan.

It’s was pretty fantastic to see the family and all of their supporters in person. You could really feel the love in the room…I made a point to touch as many people as I could to feel more love but I was quickly labeled as creepy and asked to leave.

Which brings me to my next point… I just wanted to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support. Through words of encouragement or just keeping me in their thoughts, it absolutely means the world to me to know I have everyone behind me. I wanted to thank those of you who have taken the time to read through my Pedal the Cause page and also thank anyone who has donated. I think raising money is a big deal, but raising awareness is also key.

So thank you, from the bottom of my liver!



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  1. Jill you are always in my thoughts….every day! I am sending you love, hugs and healing energy…also don’t forget to wear that thing….what is it??? (binder)…

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