Houston…We Have Bells Palsy!

So… a lot has gone on this month….especially in the last two weeks. So much to say, so little time…. Where to start?

First, I have a new ailment….apparently there is a little known fact that chemo causes  Bells Palsy! Who knew?


While it’s not permanent….Bells Palsy does make it difficult for me to do some of the things I love the most…like playing The Rose on the harmonica, whistling Dixieland, and humming the Jaws theme while chasing people that jog by my house….I can’t wait for my half frown to turn upside down again.

I’ve been sneaking around a lot lately… trying to get some answers from my doctors regarding certain things and peeking in as many windows as possible. At times it’s like pulling teeth. I have decided to get a second opinion as a backup  plan for the future, and to make sure all the treatment I’m getting is the best path.

I think my doctors are great but at times I wonder why they are trying to turn me into a mummy!  I mean seriously I’m not contagious people.


Oh Captain my Captain and I will run off together to Houston, Texas to  one of the finest cancer centers in the country…MD Anderson. I’ll see a doctor that specializes in my very special kind of cancer…Canadian cancer is the best…it tastes like maple syrup and typically the tumors are shaped like a beaver.


I hope to gain some more knowledge of what’s going on and start a beautiful new relationship down there…no not with an armadillo a doctor…just in case anything unexpected were to come up and treatment was not available in St. Louis.  I also love doctors that wear cowboy hats, chaps, and spurs and Texas was the only state that assured this.

As of now, things are going really great here with treatments, etc.  I’m still in the honeymoon stage with chemo. Loving it and just can’t get enough. I love getting off on every other Friday. Ahhh. I guess things are going as scheduled originally. I’ll continue with chemo here….I just finished round #9 of chemo…lucky number 9!  As you can see my organs look great!


I’m supposed to be getting scheduled in the near future for the portal embolization. For those of you with memories like me, that is where they block off a blood supply to one side (my right side) of the liver to promote growth in the healthy side of my liver. Then in 6-8 weeks from that procedure they can hopefully remove the entire right side of my liver which is hoarding tumors like old ladies hoard cats. Then I’ll hopefully be free of the old ball and chain..,cancer that is.

Thanks for all the support! Remember.,,if you see someone creeping around that looks like this….call the police.




4 thoughts on “Houston…We Have Bells Palsy!”

  1. I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea to get a second or even s third opinion. I do think they are doing very aggressive treatment in St Louis which seems to be working ok and you being stronger than anyone I know are handling it like a champ! You really look great. You look healthier than the majority of people who get a clean bill of health. Bells Palsy is odd… People can just wake up like that.., hopefully it’s transient. Chemo that attacks nerves and never endings is rough. Are your hands and feet ok??

  2. Hey buddy, when did you become Amish (last picture)? I mean I noticed the horse and buggy outside your house the other day, but just thought “HAY” (see what I did) this is South City- whatever). Come to think of it, it all makes sense now, I mean I never see you driving a car! Hum, well anyway, I’m glad you finally came out of the closet. Oh and keep up the good work- I love you, bell palsy and all!!

  3. Second opinions are always best. I am a firm believer if you think positive thoughts you get positive results. I think you got this!
    Just a little more time then you will be c-free! *** BUT, then …… what will happen to the blog? I am thoroughly entertained.

  4. Love ya buddy! Hope to see you soon! Oh, and if you don’t mind, while in Texas, wrangle me up a Dr. McDreamy- cowboy style! I too love chaps & spurs!!! 🙂

    Thinking about you… *muah!

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