Liver… Don’t fail me now…

Can I have your attention please….

Will the real blog editor please stand up?

So… you can pretty much¬†SCRATCH everything you read the other day… regarding Houston, Bells Palsy, etc. There is a new plan in place as of Monday this week.

Houston… has been pushed off until September (just delayed a month). I’ll still be going down there. Boots, belt buckle¬†and bolo are packed. Giddy up!!


Next week I will go under a very tiny knife… and have the portal embolization procedure performed on Tuesday (August 18th). Die shitty right side, grow little, healthy left side… ahhh… it’s very exciting. I’ve learned it only takes about a week for the left liver to grow to the size it’s going to need to be in order to take over all liver function. Over the course of the next 6-8 weeks, the left side will learn how to perform all liver functions to support the body. This little liver of mine… I’m going to let it shine…


This girl above had the same procedure a few years ago and she’s doing just fine. Her left and right liver grew a little too much, but now she can drink more Jack Daniels than EVER. Lucky for her.

It’s a pretty amazing process when you think of it. My liver has been through the ringer already, so this should be like child’s play. I’ll likely just be off work for yet another week, with flu-like symptoms and then back at it the following week. Showing off my mad scientific genius skills at work.

Big shout out to Catfish and her hairstylist Conan, for everything she does keeping your all entertained and informed:


Here’s to another successful procedure next week. Stay tuned…

Oh and I promise to try to get some port videos out… Angela has been slacking on these… well I have too… but I am sooooo sick, I should not have to assume responsibility…