This is 37… OxyContin, oxycodone, oxykitten..

I feel pretty darn good for having no working right lobe of liver.


Tuesdays procedure was slightly painful, I won’t lie… Yet.

They load you up with some feel good drugs (not enough) and then go on with the procedure. They fill some veins with some sauce (like caulking shut an opening), for you Home Depot lovers or weekend warriors. This does what we said earlier, causes a sort of heart attack to your one side of your liver, as you’re blocking off it’s blood supply.

I guess some people fall asleep during the procedure. I, of course, did not… Again…, like when I got my port placed. However the port placement was not painful. This time they go about the procedure and administer pain meds based on your discomfort. .. Oh and they remind you to lay still, as you have a needle or two running through a major blood supply, under your ribs. Ha.  Anywho, some people do not experience pain. I was lucky to have a little. About 30-40 min later I was good to go, they get it under control pretty quickly. Then I felt fine for the next few days, taking very few (if any) pain meds..

There were a few false alarms in the hospital with nausea, but that subsided really quickly. It was brought on by small amounts of food or drink, combined with any quick movements. If you laid still, which is impossible for me, then you were fine.

Ive been tired a lot and started experiencing some cramping pains over the weekend. I only include this because NOWHERE on the internet does it say that people would experience pain. Pass it on, it’s normal. It comes and goes and is tolerable, like my friends. I had been expecting flu-like symptoms only (fatigue, fever, aching, a little nausea). I know they say not to believe everything you read on the internet, but there was really no info on this. So here it is now…

Anywho, just a short update. There are slight fevers randomly once a day. Pain here and there. The diaphragm is involved and areas are inflamed and irritated in there, so deep breaths, laughing and other full lung inflating requirements are not restricted, but avoided. 😉 I am trying to avoid addiction to pain meds also, see the following:

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I should be returning to work tomorrow (Tuesday 25th). I’ll have chemo this Friday, coming up. I’m not due for any scans until mid to late September. I go to MDA (Houston) September 18th I think. I’ll stay there about a week to get a second opinion and touch base with some different doctors. Nothing major will happen there. Just trying to get some other options in place, if ever necessary, way down the road.  My next liver surgery could happen in as soon as two months. They would be removing the entire right lobe. That will all be dependent on how things are healing and growing from this embolization. I’ll know more in about a month hopefully. Stay tuned.

angela was kind enough to let me wear her hat in the hospital:


Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers, as always.