She’s like the wind….

Nobody puts Baby in a coroner… Oops, I mean on a manual bike…


Here I am: bike

Thank you to Joe and Kathy Mohr, for providing the sweet wheels for the ride. Very thoughtful.

Pedal The Cause 2015 was a success! Our MacDonald/Sharpless team started and  crossed the finish line as a team  (it was nice to ride the same week as Brent’s birthday 9/21).  Thanks to all that supported and participated.  It was an amazing event and a beautiful day for supporting such a great cause.

I ran into my liver specialist there. He had ridden 50 miles like a champ. He informed me that he was quite happy with my scans from last week. I’ll have round 12 of chemo this coming Friday, followed by a four week break (necessary to rest and recover for surgery). After four weeks I’ll have another scan and surgery will likely be scheduled and performed maybe early November. Pretty exciting.

More to come….Cheers to all.



Everything is bigger in Texas, including my liver…

Good news!!!!

i received my scan results Monday. I was informed that there are no new tumors at this time (anywhere)… Which is always good to hear for obvious reasons… But also, good old Lefty Liver grew as well. As hoped, the left liver (or my Future Liver Remnant), has been growing. And growing quite well. Sometimes growth can be slow or just doesn’t take place if your liver isn’t very healthy. Well amazingly, this little liver of mine, really wants to shine.

i also pranced around the hospital, pretending I was a doctor




Apparently the amount of growth appears ( visually) to be enough to go forward with surgery to remove the right lobe completely. I’ll still come back and consult with my liver surgeon there, but it sounds like things are moving along as best they could be.

Im very lucky to have things progress as well as they have. I blame all of you. So thank you.

I have another consultation tomorrow with the colon specialist. Just to go over scans and options in the future. The facilities here in Houston are top notch. MDAnderson is quite the place, as is the entire medical campus.  I feel pretty lucky to have had the opportunity to come down here. I appreciate the support there and here during my stay. Thank you all. Everyday I eat fresh oysters from the gulf for you:




I also visited Galveston. I rode every ride and jumped off the pier twice. Jk. I also walked along the beach in the warm Gulf waters that have been threatening flesh eating bacteria thru June. Live on the edge. Sometimes by accident.


One last thing, Nikki Christ’s niece (Emily Linneman), is in need of a miracle, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  I shared her GoFund me on my fb page if you’re interested in donating or even just wanting to read her story.  Thank you in advance.

Cheers fools!! I’ll be back Thursday afternoon.


Houston or bust….

Howdy ya’ll. I made it to Houston this morning. I’ll be gone for a week. My travel partner, Kim, will make sure I get to all of my appointments on time. I can’t believe that Angela is letting me out of her sight…


On that note, keep Angela’s family in your thoughts. Her dad took a bit of a spill off of a bulldozer the other day, she’s down in southern Illinois checking on our dear old Doyle. She may actually be acting as an interpreter for Doyle. Hopefully she hired and interpreter for herself too. An interpreter for the interpreter… It’s like a Seinfeld episode. For those of you who know how Doyle and Angela communicate, this is warranted. Mumblers. “What teacher?”

image image

Alright, back to me… So I have a scan and some blood work scheduled for tomorrow. This scan should show any healthy growth and results of the last procedure I had in July. That left lobe should be large and in charge. Following this scan I will have an appointment with the colon specialist. This appointment will likely be next week Monday or Tuesday. I won’t know until after tomorrow. I do have an appointment scheduled Monday morning with a liver specialist.  Also, this is just a second opinion. There are no plans to seek or change treatment, just getting another opinion and opening up options for other clinical trials if necessary in future. I also just didn’t want to work for a week because I’m lazy and I hear Houston is beautiful this time of year.


Ill update you all as I know things. Stay tuned.