Houston or bust….

Howdy ya’ll. I made it to Houston this morning. I’ll be gone for a week. My travel partner, Kim, will make sure I get to all of my appointments on time. I can’t believe that Angela is letting me out of her sight…


On that note, keep Angela’s family in your thoughts. Her dad took a bit of a spill off of a bulldozer the other day, she’s down in southern Illinois checking on our dear old Doyle. She may actually be acting as an interpreter for Doyle. Hopefully she hired and interpreter for herself too. An interpreter for the interpreter… It’s like a Seinfeld episode. For those of you who know how Doyle and Angela communicate, this is warranted. Mumblers. “What teacher?”

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Alright, back to me… So I have a scan and some blood work scheduled for tomorrow. This scan should show any healthy growth and results of the last procedure I had in July. That left lobe should be large and in charge. Following this scan I will have an appointment with the colon specialist. This appointment will likely be next week Monday or Tuesday. I won’t know until after tomorrow. I do have an appointment scheduled Monday morning with a liver specialist. ¬†Also, this is just a second opinion. There are no plans to seek or change treatment, just getting another opinion and opening up options for other clinical trials if necessary in future. I also just didn’t want to work for a week because I’m lazy and I hear Houston is beautiful this time of year.


Ill update you all as I know things. Stay tuned.



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  1. Jill, if you like humidity you will love Houston. That place is like a huge oven. Stay positive and let Kim get you to your appointments. Wishing nothing but the best.

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