White blood cells go up…. and they stay there, and they say yeah, and they stay there….

Up down, up down, up down

Cause all I do is win, win, win

Round 12 is in the books folks… a slight delay… you could say I didn’t exactly “make weight” Friday. I think my doctor just wanted to say “See you next Tuesday”.

I’m trying to look more like Gina Carano:

Gina Carano_8 gina-carano-26

And less like Karen Carpenter:

stewart-1 Karen-the-carpenters-160630_342_488

Apparently my white blood cells were up enough to have chemo yesterday (thank you for the “prayers for my immune system”-Megan, Marni, Jenn, and M&D).

It was a long day yesterday, I think they had to count the cells one by one before they could hook me up, but it’s done. Now I recover (avoid anyone that is remotely ill) and in 4 weeks I will have a CT scan to see how things look. If I’m a candidate for surgery then it will be scheduled. There is no date set as of yet. Let’s just estimate for November.

I’m back at work today, anticipating the big Wild Card game tonight… I sure love pirates, sorry cubs fans.


Anywho, GO CARDS!!! Thanks for all of your encouragement. Stay GOLD PonyBoy. I’m not sure there will be many updates between now and scan time, so hopefully Angela will post some past videos and I will try to make some new port videos. For real this time…


I Hate to Burst Your Bubble…

Chemo #12 is NOT in the books folks, that’s right, it was a no go because my white blood cell count was low today.  Let me be clear… not as low as my tolerance level for babies screaming on long flights or of people who pick their noses at stop lights…but low enough that they want to wait until Tuesday. Amazingly, The Captain’s blood alcohol level was higher than my white blood cell count this morning… well… maybe not that surprising.

Every time I turned around the Captain was sleeping (or slipping on banana peels). I guess she had a long night:


She even fashioned a protective breathing mask into an eye mask, to ward off the evil light that seemed to make her hangover worse. Quite impressive.

As for the low WBC’s, I haven’t felt great this week so I may be fighting something off…who knows.  Do my tonsils look ok? image It really only hurts when I jump on trampolines in cowboy boots…ride llamas backwards at Grants Farm…or when laugh… like this… and sometimes laughing like this makes me get gum in my hair…which is very annoying.image A weekend reprieve isn’t such a bad thing…I’m “not so secretly” happy, actually because now I can frolick around freely all weekend like a red lipped bat-fish in an ocean reef…yes it’s a real thing. red-lipped-batfish Lovely lips don’t you think? It was a long appointment this morning regardless because we got stuck in a room waiting to be seen…which of course can get quite boring after your 1,000,456th doctor’s visit in 10 months…not that I’m counting. We tried playing games…like peek-a-boo.  I mean I’m not sure why kids like that game so much…I got bored after like 35 minutes and the Captain quit getting scared when I peeked out after 30 minutes. image I decided if I could only create a diversion in my room the doctor would surely come in quicker to check on me… loud popping noises perhaps?image Apparently the staff at the Siteman Center is used to hearing loud popping noises…I guess it is St. Louis after all they probably just thought it was gunfire or fireworks… needless to say they didn’t come to check on me any faster. We got bored with that game too after the 67th glove exploded… but then the great idea of filling one with the foam hand sanitizer came to mind!  Who knew how bad it burns in the eyes and how bad it tastes?

Here is a frame by frame recap:







IMG_5637 (1)

This is the first room we’ve been in that didn’t have an actual “eye wash station”… luckily the sink worked just fine. 

I mean, look at her jacket. The entire room was covered in spray from that stupid idea. What an idiot. The room has never been cleaner since we left…

Anyway, we’ll try again on Tuesday and hopefully that will be my last round of chemo for quite awhile… at least until after I recover from surgery. Anyone that can make it to our Halloween Party at the Top of the Met  on October 31st, here are the details or go to my Facebook page.

Halloween Invite