50 ways to lose your liver…

Throw  the booze back, Jack

Drink like a man, Stan

It’s not a toy, Roy

Just get yourself free

Get hit by a bus, Gus

You don’t need to discuss much

Just watch for Hep C, Lee

And get yourself free


Surgery will take place Tuesday December 1st, around 1pm.

December is known as the month of many things… Hanukkah, Christmas, Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, New Years Eve, Winter Solstice, and now… The Liver Surgery (removal of the right lobe).

My parents will be coming in town for this exciting event. My dad arrives this coming Sunday and will be here for the first week, while I’m in the hospital and my mom will arrive next Sunday, for the next week at home after the hospital. Between them, Kim and the gaybors, I should be well taken care of. Hopefully there will be some hospital entertainment.

The surgery consists of removing the entire right lobe of my liver and a little of the left. At this time, my left liver has been growing and learning the functions of the entire liver. It has not really been tested, but maybe in future… That green thing, is a gallbladder, that will be gone too. One less thing to worry about. Blaming everything on the gallbladder seems to be all the rage these days.


Apparently I’ll be off work for 6 weeks again and will be faced with severe fatigue for 2-3 months. If being tired was a sport, I’d be the world champion.  I’ve learned that your liver stores your energy for the day. Well, when you have only half of a liver (or less), you have less energy. I can count on 30 minute bursts. I just hope to be able to stay awake for day time soaps while on this 6 week vacation. I’ll catch up on Netflix…. Reminds me of the time I finished surfing the entire internet…

What a great time for such a surgery. I’ve been fattening myself up for this one. In years past I had to watch what I ate around the holidays. This year, not so much. I’m beginning to resemble my little dog.


She too, eats everything in sight.

Stay tuned for updates post surgery…. And no, I’m not scared. I plan on blazing through this one too. Ha. C’est la vie.

Dear Cancer, see you next Tuesday…




CT scan is tomorrow (Thursday Nov. 5th, 2015)

I have my CT scan tomorrow to determine if surgery is still an option, late in the morning. I’ll see the doctor in the afternoon to go over the scan results and hopefully have an estimate for a date for surgery, if I’m still a candidate.

Time will tell…

Stay tuned. I’ll update when I can.

Cheers… (I’ll also maybe ask him if I can drink ever again… maybe not…)