Spot 2/9/16

I spy with my little eye, something that is suspicious…

Apparently there is a small spot on my left liver that has popped up (according to my scan). My liver specialist reassured me that it is no big deal. It is located in a treatable location. They will perform a cryo-ablation (freeze it away with a tiny needle) this Thursday. This is not an invasive procedure so that’s great. They knock you out and use a needle from the outside, no incision. Spend the night. Go home the next day. Not painful. Easy one.

Ill have the spot removed and then I can start chemo after 10 days. As of now chemo is scheduled to start on Tuesday February 23rd.

These spots can come up from time to time. This is not optimal, but not unexpected, as I haven’t had chemo since early October. Dr Hawkins said they may come up from time to time. This one just happens to be super easy to cherry pick.

On another note, I just got back from vacation so I’ve had plenty of time to relax… For real. 🙂 So this should be no big deal for my rested body. Also, I think I gained 10lbs on the cruise… I’m back to my normal weight… Yay…

Until next time, cheers!