I’m BLUE… Da ba Dee Da ba Daa….


As some of you know March is colon cancer awareness month. Go blue!!! Blue is the designated color for colon cancer… thank God (I like blue).
They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. To put it simply… rumor has it… YOU’VE MISSED ME!!! Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s kind of due to a lack of any new information on my part. I didn’t mean to leave you hanging… or whining. JK.
I don’t have much to report (I feel like I say that a lot). In review:
I had a spot (on my liver) pop up in January. They basically froze it out in February. I’ll have a CT scan tomorrow (March 11th) to see how things are looking. We’re hoping to see no more new spots.
These new spots aren’t necessarily “new” growths. They could be old tiny microscopic ones that have just now started to grow.
There’s apparently not a ton of research supporting the administration of more chemo at this time (according to “ONE” of my sources). I’m in the process of exploring this more with different doctors. There are chemo therapies and immuno therapies that can be used to control things in future. It’s pretty tough to say for sure that everything is ever gone for sure, but I can hope each scan is either clear of spots or if spots are still showing up, then it’s best if they are in locations they can easily be removed (with surgery or ablation: the burning or freezing of these tumors).
There is some evidence that shows diet, exercise and the use of aspirin daily can benefit individuals like myself. Or it can at least prolong reoccurrence. This is of no surprise, the healthier one can be, the better prepared physically they are for combatting illness or surgery in future. I’m in the process of bettering my diet (less ice cream) and moving towards being able to exercise more… watch out!!
Overall, I feel pretty darn  good. I’m back at work full time.  Fingers crossed on my next scan results. I love MiraLAX… (right Missy!!??)
Working is fun..
Also, a few of us are walking in the Undy Run/Walk at Forest Park-lower Muny parking lot (next Saturday March 19th). No pressure, but if you’re interested, we’ll be out there. I have attached the link below, but don’t judge me if I doesn’t work. I’m not a computer genious… genius… whatever.  Feel free to join team Powered by Hope… or create your own team (for example: MiraLAX can happen, I mean Miracles).