Happy Anniversary!!!

Well, it’s official (almost)… cancer and I have been together for two years now. Two glorious years… I was diagnosed January 28th 2015. It seems like forever ago. We’ve been through so much, cancer and I. We’ve had our ups and downs and ins and outs, but through it all, we are still bound quite tightly. When the chips are down, cancer is there… Feeling lonely, cancer is by your side… I can’t quit you cancer.

I’m getting scans now about every 3 months; a tiny stretch from every 2 months, I call that progress. Baby steps for sure… My most recent scan on Monday, January 24th was another good one. There is nothing new showing up anywhere at this time. There are still a couple of very small, faint spots on my liver they continue to watch. These could be old treated areas from prior resection surgeries/ablations or could just be small unchanged spots of my not so clear and present cancer. The good news is, they have remained unchanged since September. No growth is good to me. Next scan is currently scheduled for mid April.


I’m still having chemo every other week. It’s short and sweet… or neither at times. I get a 30 minute infusion every other Tuesday (see you next Tuesday), but the process varies in length depending on how busy it is or how cooperative I am. I also still take a pill twice daily, a week on and a week off. I’m not the best a remembering to take them, but I have my assistants to help me:


And now, the anatomy lesson. Look away if you’re not a fan of intestines and liver… diagrams…

I found some interesting photos of colon and liver resections if you’re into that sort of thing:

ColonResectioning-SMALLcolonliverhepI had the Sigmoid colectomy (F) and the extended right hepatectomy… good to know right?? It’s pretty amazing what you can put your body through and survive… Next time, a video of the full hysterectomy. Just kidding…

Lesson over. Schools out.