The pillar of health… as always… 10/6/17

Scans and blood work recently reveal a fairly healthy person alive inside of me. I’ve been off of the maintenance chemo regimen since the middle of July. My scans look great, especially for being off of treatment. There is nothing new growing or showing. This is obviously fantastic news.

I’ll be scanned again in about two months. I’ll continue to remain off of treatment, which is awesome. This break has been very nice. It’s great to feel a little more normal, finally. I need to try to get some exercising in, I’m chubbing up (which is way better than where I was a couple of years ago):



Anywho, just a short update. Hoping things stay this way for as long as possible, forever would be nice. 😉 I’m extremely thankful for any time I get off of treatment, as most people are not as fortunate as I have been thus far.

I’ll keep you all posted if anything changes. Overall, I feel pretty good. I’m tired a lot, but likely from being out of shape mostly. My immune system clearly still stinks, as I’ve had a cold for almost a month now. Other than that, I’m just keeping busy with work and trying to find some healthier hobbies to occupy my time (a work in progress). The color is AFLAC Black (LOL):

Thank you as always for all of your thoughts, prayers and overall support… clearly it’s “working”. 😉 Cheerio!