Update 4/27/15-surgery may be on the horizon

Friends, Romans, Countrymen:

Sorry for the delay in updates. I fell asleep, jk.

I met with my liver specialist Monday 4/20/15. Yep 4/20, I thought he had been smokin that day. After over an hour of waiting and after Angela and I had played with every gadget in that office, he finally surfaced. There had been some technical difficulties that day. Luckily our google machines were working just fine, to keep us entertained like toddlers. Angela playing her different recordings of bodily noises from the exam room, hoping to get some attention early. Followed up by Beez in the trap, some baby goat videos and instructions on how to operate the eye wash station. We were there for a long time, trust me.

His suggestion is surgery in about a month. To maybe start removing some approachable tumors. We’ll see though. Apparently this causes some major fatigue. He did compare my liver to Swiss cheese I think, not from drinking though surprisingly. I should know more in future, as he needed to consult with my colon doctor and oncologist.

Stay tuned. I’ll try to get some new port-land videos going. My hand got tired from drawing…

hi to Kaya (my little niece, she broke her arm pretty bad skateboarding last week, she had surgery this morning-she makes me proud and her mother terrified)