Hello, from the other side….

I heard a Hello… I thought it was God…

Nope… Adele.

they are really playing that song a lot. Geez.

Anywho, its Sunday. It’s been a week since I was discharged from the hospital. Almost two weeks since surgery. Things are healing nicely. I’ve had very few set backs. I had close to 20lbs of excess fluid post surgery. Toting that around last week was a little uncomfortable. Water pills have been slowly removing the excess. I think I lost 10 lbs in two days, seriously.

Ive still been making trips around the block, getting in some necessary walking to help w healing. I’ll see Dr Hawkins this coming Thursday to get staples out and have a follow up. I won’t post pics of the staples, as it’s not as nice looking this time. There are about 30 again, in the shape of an L. Not very attractive. 😉

I’ll find out when I’ll start follow up scans, etc. and I’ll  ask if I will have chemo at all in future. I guess the scans will tell.  When I talked to him last week he seemed pretty happy with how surgery went.  Stay tuned. Thanks for all of your thoughts. Much appreciated.

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