Slow and steady wins the race… 4/18/17


Cancer is a persistent little twit, but then again, so am I.

Survivor-Season-24I recently had a scan. The results are in. There is still a little spot on my liver (tiny guy), but nothing new growing. That’s all good news. The maintenance chemo regimen I’m on right now is keeping things stable and under control currently. This is great. I guess I just keep on with it. Chemo forever, as I call it, JK. If I was not on chemo things could potentially start to grow again, as they were before. Better than the alternative, right?


I continue to go to Siteman every other week for my Avastin infusions, and I take the Xeloda (5FU) pills twice a day, for one week on and then one week off. It’s doing what it needs to. I may not be NED (No evidence of disease), but I’m stable and that is far better than having progression at this time. I’ll just ride this out and hope for the best. Hopefully this trend continues for a long time. It could work for years… or for months… so far it’s almost been a year, so that’s great.

At this point in life, I am living with cancer, rather than dying from it.  Hopefully we can continue treating/managing this more as a chronic disease, and not as a terminal illness. It is possible… Fingers crossed… and my lucky rabbits foot from Easter…

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9 thoughts on “Slow and steady wins the race… 4/18/17”

  1. As a lifelong Neil Diamond fan, I will sing you Forever in Blue Jeans any time, my friend. That is classic. I love you!

  2. Steph and Kathy admire you. Your strength, your humor, your attitude! You are an amazing person Jill Mc Donald! You beat this thing when you say you beat it. You are winning this fight because of who you are. We love and miss you. Let’s please get together soon. We miss your face.

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