Number 5, is ALIVE!!! Updated 4/4/15

Yahoo! Round five is tapping, tapping at my chamber door.

My throat has almost recovered from talking so much Saturday. What a great night. If you missed it, don’t fret, there are photos:

That is the website for Michael and Theresa’s photos. Cella’s photos will likely be available soon too (I don’t like to rush her).

Saturday was quite a crazy, wonderful evening. It was nice to see many of your faces. Thank you to everyone again for EVERYTHING. It is so nice to know I have so much support. Teri was an excellent speaker, very inspiring, to say the least.

Now onto round 5. I’m ready to tear this $hit up! It’s a “Good Friday” to do this.



Feeling good still. Chemo went well yesterday. Went out for Trods birthday. Today we went to the women’s soccer match at Busch (US vs New Zealand). Great match! Now for some rest. Happy Easter to whom it ┬ámay concern.

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