My mom likes my friends better than me, now… 6/7/15


just a quick update. Not much to report. I have sinned 1000673 times since my last confession… I mean blog entry.

My mom left this morning to head on back to the great country of Canada. She is expected to play goal in game 3 of the World Cup pool play. She managed to stay in great shape the last two weeks, by cleaning up my entire back yard. It was quite a transformation to say the least.  I will decline a Bruce Jenner joke here, since I too have recently been going through some “changes”.  Pot-Caitlyn…

Apparently, since Paulette left I am now entrusted with my own upkeep, care and well being. I will be fine, don’t worry. Or fake it, til you make it, or something… Fake it, while you’re naked? We’ll just see how things go.

Ive been feeling much better obviously, since I did a fake poke dance today for a friends 30th bday, on their party bus. It seemed equivalent to going for a walk, as I’m instructed to do multiple daily. Walks that is….

Anywho, this week I don’t have much slated. Couple of doctors visits and I guess rest.  My “extreme fatigue”, as they had warned, seems to come and go. It’s weird and wonderful to still be losing weight, but it’s not healthy at this time, so hopefully I can start putting on some pounds rather than losing them.  Do not be fooled, I have not been hitting the gym… Or dieting…

One more quick update, as of now, I’m obviously not able to work. So I’m off for June. I should find out next week from my appointments when chemo will start again. They had said six weeks post surgery, so likely late June or early July. The plan last time I heard was to do a couple of or a few rounds of chemo and then try for another procedure leading up to another surgery. I believe single rounds of chemo consist of four treatments, so each round takes about two months. Well see though. It would be nice to have the summer just with chemo, as there are a few of us signed up or Pedal the Cause St. Louis in September (little 15 mile ride this year-hopefully longer next year).